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Custody Preparation for Moms is a website to provide information to fit and loving mothers who have found themselves in the quagmire of a contested child custody case.

Much of the information presented here is geared to those mothers who have been the victims of domestic violence in the relationship with their children's father, or whose children are victims of family violence either having been abused directly, or indirectly harmed as child witnesses to their mother's victimization by their father.

It is recognized, however, that the current family court climate across the nation is exhibiting a backlash against mothers in general. The Tender Years Doctrine, which once acknowledged young children's primary bonding and attachments to their mothers, was struck down many years ago as being gender-biased. Mother's can no longer assume any sort of preferential treatment due to their gender and little regard is given to their primary care-taking role.

Father's rights advocates have continued to push for mandatory joint legal and physical custody legislation and espouse skewed "research" studies claiming paternal superiority and demonizing single motherhood to state legislatures, Congress, family court systems and the media. Their lobbying has resulted in state legislation and national social agendas that elevate father's rights over the rights of the children, the health, safety and well being of the children, and diminishment of support systems and safety for mothers.

A higher standard of parenting and character is sometimes applied to mothers in our nation's courtrooms. Although much of the information found here is more relevant to abused women and protective mothers of abused children, many of the same legal tactics are being used to coerce all mothers into custodial arrangements which may be developmentally inappropriate, educationally or medically inappropriate, lack in stability, and may be harmful to their children's overall well-being. Often, fathers' documented histories of violence, substance abuse, criminal activity, non-involvement with the children, and other indicators of poor parenting are excused, minimized or ignored.

Please view the information and use what you find relevant to your own individual situation.

Above all, hold dear to your belief in yourself and your children. If you are a good, fit and loving mother, you have not entered into divorce and custody litigation lightly. You will encounter many along the way that will claim to know better than you what is best for your children. Follow your instincts, your heart, and the on-the-job qualifications you have gained as your children's mother. YOU know what is ultimately in the best interests of your children. Don't ever give up on yourself, or them.

Good luck.

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