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The following articles are provided as is. Each reader should take into account their own situations, and use these articles only as reference material. No guarantees are implied that any of this material may establish any success in the readers situation.  These articles are the opinions or interpretations of the authors and nothing contained herein should be construed as legal advice.  Some of the articles consist of only links to other source materials.  We are not attorneys and strongly suggest that you always consult an attorney in legal matters.  Other authors have been invited to contribute and have provided articles or material for use in articles.  An open invitation is made to other authors for contributions, subject to editorial review.

Mental Preparation:

  Getting Healthy, Strong and Independent  
  Mental Preparation: Maintaining Your Physical & Mental Health  
  Dumb Mistakes Mothers Sometimes Make  
  How Do You Cope?  

Safety Planning:

  Domestic Violence Safety Plan  
  Personalized Safety Plan  
  Internet Safety  

Legal Preparation and Documentation:

  Participating in Your Case  
  Hearing or Trial Preparation  
  Suggestions on How to Organize Your Case File  
  Documenting Your Custody Case  
  Custody Battle Toolkit-A Mom's 10 Essentials  
  Custody Cases Involving Child Sexual Abuse  
  How to Handle Your Testimony During Depositions  
  How to Testify in Court  
  How to Present Yourself In Court  
  Divorcing the Narcissist  

Preparing for a Child Custody Evaluation (CCE)*:
(*Note:  This encompasses participation from Guardian Ad Litems,
Child Custody Evaluators and Forensic Psychologists, etc.)

  Ludicrous Reasons Why Good & Fit Mothers Have Lost Custody  
  Issues & Dilemmas With Infant & Toddler Visitation
  Items to Consider When Designing a Parenting Plan
  APA Guidelines for Child Custody Evaluations in Divorce Proceedings
  APA Code of Ethics  
  Therapists and You  
  Use of the MMPI-2 in Child Custody Evaluations Involving Battered Women:  What Does Psychological Research Tell Us?    
  GALs in Private Custody Litigation:  The Case for Abolition    

Parental Alienation and Other Misogynistic "Syndromes":

  Parental Alienation Syndrome  
  The Worst of Richard Gardner  


  Mediation in Family Law Cases  

Joint Custody:

  "Is It Still `Joint Custody' if the Courts `Unilaterrally Order It?"  

Domestic Violence Research/Articles:

  How Are Children Affected by Domestic Violence?  
  Abused Girls Grow Up to Be Abused Women  
  Mothers & Children:  Understanding the Links Between Woman Battering and Child Abuse  
  Domestic Violence Fact Sheet
  Child Sexual Abuse Fact Sheet

Making a Difference:

  What You Can Do to Effect Change  
  Legislative Change  
  5 Steps to a Successful Contact With a Legislator  
  Freedom of Information Act & Other Disclosure Laws  

Please feel free to distribute the following messages to the media, state legislators, Congress, your local NOW chapter, etc.

  Open Message to the U.S. Senate & House of Representatives  
  Family Violence & Sexual Assault Institute 9/02 Press Release on the impact of court awarded custody to abusive parents  

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