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Recommended Support Groups

Yahoo hosts numerous groups that share one e-mail address & website that allows you to discuss topics of mutual interest. You will need to register with Yahoo to join a group.

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There are many groups available on the internet that offer support to non-custodial mothers and mothers in current custody litigation with abusive fathers.  We have reviewed many of them and found most to be well-intentioned, but lacking in basic common-sense steps to better protect member privacy. 

Please remember--nothing you do on the Internet is 100% private and safe. No group can assure your privacy.  Be sure to read each groups description to make sure it meets your personal needs and goals.  We strongly recommend that mothers in custody litigation do not to post messages on public forums that do not screen members and have open archives for anyone and everyone to read.  You might also consider setting up a separate email account under a pseudonym to protect your privacy.

With those warnings taken into consideration, the following are national/semi-international support groups hosted by Yahoo for non-custodial mothers and mothers facing custodial challenges that we have found to offer support, a modicum of screening and no public archives.

Non-Custodial Moms Breaking The Silence:

For more information:

To subscribe:


 Battered Mothers Custody Conference Support Group:

For more information:

To subscribe:


Alaska Moms for Custodial Justice (Alaska residents only, please):

For more information:

AMFCJ Introduction.htm




Warnings:  If you are in the middle of litigation, and are worried about how things you say can be used against you in court, practice a great deal of caution on the Internet.  Your movements on the internet can be tracked.   While e-mail and the Internet are useful for communication and learning about domestic violence, child abuse, sexual assault and custody litigation they can also lead to breaches in your privacy. 

 Here are some recommendations for safer use of internet support groups:

1)  Do not subscribe or post to any list that has open archives.  This means any list where old messages can be accessed by list members or the general public.  Each Yahoo group will identify their list protocols so you can assess that situation.

2)  Do not subscribe or post to any list that is frequented by father's rights groups or advocates.  If you are not sure, lurk for awhile.  Generally, lists that support PAS, shared parenting agendas, mandatory joint custody laws, etc. will attract father's rights proponents.  Some of these people have been known to post messages from one group to another group with the intention of harassing the original poster, flaming people off-list, falsifying e-mail addresses to look similar to yours and then making inflammatory postings, etc. 

3)  Consider using an anonymous account or screen name for your postings if the list owner/moderators will allow it and you feel it necessary to protect yourself or your case strategy.

4)  Do not subscribe to any support list that does not conduct some screening for its members.  

5)  Do not post on public Internet message boards.

Grassroots Groups

There are numerous grassroots groups forming around the country.  Due to the risks inherent with the Internet as discussed above, we have chosen not to post the contacts for these groups on-line.  If you wish to find out if there is a support or advocacy group in your area, please contact us at

Although we have had contacts with each of the groups over the years, please use your own judgment as to whether one may be beneficial to you or not.  Leadership and membership in such groups is fluid over time.  Check each one out to your own satisfaction.

We encourage and advocate moms and their supporters gathering together to work towards positive social change.  Many of the women involved in grassroots advocacy have made major changes in their communities already--writing and passing legislation, publishing books, forming organizations that have resulted in court reforms and public education, getting advanced degrees in law, mental health, social work, etc.  Let nothing hold you back.


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