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The following links to surveys are provided as is. Each survey has been reviewed by the editorial staff and has been included as a recommendation for participation. Each reader should take into account their own situations No guarantees are implied that any of this material may establish any success in the reader's situation. Suggestions are invited.
From California NOW
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 At last, a study is being done to highlight the area of our mutual concern--custodial challenges by abusive parents to protective and safe ones. I anticipate this will reach the mainstream media if participation is broad enough.

CPPA is a group of people who have been through the experiences discussed in the body of the survey and have formed an organization to highlight the problem and advocate for change. OCOF, the co-sponsor of the study is another organization that published the book Expose': The Failure of Family Courts to Protect Children from Abuse In Custody Disputes and whose founder was recently interviewed by Bay Area Businesswoman online newspaper for the article "Balancing the Scales of Justice 1/2/02.

Dr. Geraldine Stahly is a nationally recognized specialist in the area of DV. She was a member of the `96 Presidential Task Force on Violence & the Family & chaired the Task Force on Child Custody Issues. She is an associate professor of psychology at California State University San Bernadino. She is on the Advisory Board for the Leadership Council for Mental Health, Justice & the Media, an organization of professionals concerned with treatment of victims of trauma who have spoken out against PAS, the Rind study, etc.

I urge you to participate in the survey and am disseminating it with permission of Connie Valentine of CPPA. It takes only a few minutes to complete and costs only a stamp. This is an opportunity that should not be missed. These organizations have the ability to get media attention for a problem that has been swept under the rug for too long.


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